[uf-discuss] Some hcard feedback from a vCard implementor

Scott Reynen scott at randomchaos.com
Tue Apr 4 12:05:10 PDT 2006

On Apr 4, 2006, at 12:25 PM, Sam Roberts wrote:

> Hi, I'm the author of Vpim (http://vpim.rubyforge.org), an
> implementation (in progress) of vCard and iCalendar encoding/decoding
> for ruby.


> but you can't go the other
> way, there is no way for the receiver to know the cultural conventions
> of the creator of the card:
>   FN:<given> <family>
> or
>   FN:<family> <given>
> and certainly can't know the creators personal preferences:
> 	FN:JD Bock
> 	N:Bock;John;Donald,Sebastian;;
> 	ORG:Big Company;Product Development;Microformats and Web Apps
> FN is what he wants on his card, how he customarily presents his name.

There's no example for this on the wiki, but I believe it's possible  
to do this like so:

<div class="vcard">
	<span class="n">
  		<span class="given-name">John</span>
		<span class="additional-name">Donald</span>
		<span class="additional-name">Sebastian</span>
		<span class="family-name">Bock</span>
	a.k.a. <span class="fn">JD Bock</span>

I trust I will be corrected if this is wrong.


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