[uf-discuss] very simple microformat for URIs

Alf Eaton lists at hubmed.org
Wed Apr 5 13:52:37 PDT 2006

At the moment, microformatted URIs are generally marked up in the  
href attribute of an <a> tag with a class of 'url' (hreview, hcard)  
or 'email' (hcard). This works for URIs that normally have browser  
protocol handlers (http:, mailto:), but not so well for other URIs  
(urn:, info:, etc) - which are particularly important in the context  
of a citation microformat.

Would the best practice be to...

a) put URIs in the href attribute of <a> tags as for URLs, with  
class="uri", even though this will make broken links on the page,
b) put URIs in the title attribute of <abbr> tags, with class="uri",
or c) something else?


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