[uf-discuss] Citation microformat

John Vilburn john at ohanasoftware.com
Fri Apr 7 16:31:58 PDT 2006

I am new to this list and new to microformats. I am working with another 
group that is looking for ways to embed genealogical citations on web pages. 
You can find the info on this effort at http://eatslikeahuman.blogspot.com/. 
We have explored a variety of citation efforts. Microformats appear to be 
the most promising. I made a couple of additions to 
http://microformats.org/wiki/citation-brainstorming, one under the title 
"More This and That" and another in the Straw format under the "what else am 
I missing" section.

Is anyone else actively working on the citation microformat?

John Vilburn
Ohana Software LLC

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