[uf-discuss] hcard validation

Aaron R. Fulkerson aaronf at mindtouch.com
Tue Apr 18 18:30:35 PDT 2006

Ah.so warm and friendly! Thanks. :-) BTW, I bumped into you at Etech06
Tantek. Keep fighting the good fight man! 

I actually pasted the worst of a half dozen formats I ran through trying to
get my M.I. in there (didn't intend to post that one). That (fn n) was
clearly whacked. Here's what I've got now: 

<div class="vcard" style="width: 325px; padding: 10px; margin: 10px; border:
1px #000 dotted; background-color:#FFFFCC;">
	<img src="http://ninje.com/images/e/ea/AaronFulkerson.png"
alt="photo" class="photo" style="float:right; margin:5px;
	<a class="fn n" href="http://www.ninje.com">
	<span class="given-name">Aaron</span> R. <span
<div class="title">VP of Encouragement</div>
<a class="org" href="http://www.mindtouch.com">MindTouch</a>
<div class="adr">
	<span class="type" style="display:none;">Business</span>
	<span class="value">
		<div class="street-address">413 Wacouta Street #250</div>
		<span class="locality">Saint Paul</span>,
		<span class="region">MN</span>
		<span class="postal-code">55101</span>
		<div class="country-name" style="display: none">USA</div> 
 <div class="tel">
     <span class="value">+1.651.793.0010</span> <span
     <div class="tel">
	 <span class="value">+1.651.793.0011</span> <span
     <div class="tel">
	 <span class="value">+1.651.230.5082</span> <span
     <a class="email" href="mailto:aaronf[SPAM]@mindtouch.com">aaronf at
mindtouch dot com</a>

Notice, I've managed to get my M.I. in there and X2V just ignores it, which
is cool by me. I'll add a link to the 'in the wild' section as requested,
but first I'll have to get the [adr type] working properly.

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