[uf-discuss] Plazes & Microformats

David Janes -- BlogMatrix davidjanes at blogmatrix.com
Wed Apr 19 05:08:47 PDT 2006

Maybe this would be a good time to bring up "rel-vcard" (and 
rel-<microformat> in general). In particular, to do one of

<a rel="vcard" href="/profile/fiahless/"><span class="fn 


<a class="vcard" rel="vcard" href="/profile/fiahless/"><span class="fn 

To indicate that not only is this a vcard, but a better or "reference" 
vcard is available at the other end of the link.

Regards, etc...

Chris Messina wrote:
> I believe that this is possible, given that a proposed optimization to
> collapse vcard and fn into one class value (class="vcard fn") was
> rejected for this very reason.
> Additionally, you might consider that the more important hcard in this
> case is the location instead of the discover and dispense with the
> nested hcard for clarity. You don't have to do this of course, but is
> another solution to consider.
> On 4/19/06, Pieter Walsweer <pieter at plazes.com> wrote:
>> <div class="vcard">
>>      <a class="fn org"
>> href="http://beta.plazes.com/plaze/cd21e1717f61ba9cf9df9006038da172/">
>>      Clara's Coffeeshop</a>
>>      <div class="note">
>>          This place is a free public WiFi in a restaurant and was
>> discovered by
>>          <a class="vcard" href="/profile/fiahless/"><span class="fn
>> nickname">fiahless</span></a>.
>>      </div>

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