[uf-discuss] Tantek: vevents and vcard?

Ryan King ryan at technorati.com
Wed Apr 19 11:32:21 PDT 2006

On Apr 18, 2006, at 8:16 PM, Sam Sethi wrote:
> Hi
> The code below is from Tantek's own website which I looked at as  
> part of my
> learning and a few things confused me.
> 1. Tantek's book reviews are inside a vcard -why? (see below) I  
> would have
> thought they would have been inside an hreview.  The only reason I  
> can think
> of it because hreview does not seem to have a rel= field although the
> hreview creator does allow a nested vcard inside the hreview if you  
> choose
> the item to be a person.  So is this a way to embed the authors  
> hcard and
> thus a rel= statement about the author? Although as Tantek has  
> mentioned
> before would this rel= statement be confused with me having a  
> relationship
> to the book?  So I am not sure how you could embedd the author's hcard
> within the review and thus the rel=
> Or is this not possible which is why Tantek has created a vcard for  
> a book
> review?
> 	<ol><li class="vcard"><cite><a
> href="http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/ASIN/0735713286/ref%
> 3Dnosim/theroguelibra-20/103-9009587-4105435"><img
> src="http://images.amazon.com/images/P/0735713286.01.THUMBZZZ.jpg"
> alt="Web Design On A Shoe String" /></a></cite> <a class="url"
> href="http://roguelibrarian.com" rel="friend colleague 	met"><abbr
> class="fn" title="Carrie Bickner">CB</abbr></a></li>

No, the hcard is for Carrie Bickner, the fact that there's also a  
book link in there is irrelevant, as that is not captured in the  
hcard vocabulary at all.

> 2. Also I noted that the class=hreview for this microformat not  
> vreview.
> Would it not make sense to have class=hcard and class=hevent to  
> make things
> consistent? I'm sure this has been discussed before.

Actually its more important to not invent new names for preexisting  
semantics. Since we use vcard semantics, we call it 'vcard'.

Interestingly, the format called 'iCalendar' uses 'VCALENDAR' in its  
format, because that's what iCalendar's precedent (vCalendar) used.

> 3. I know it is possible to embed a picture URL within an event  
> listing
> using <img src= .../> but is this part of the hcalendar microformat? I
> cannot find a reference. There is a photo url for the hcard and so  
> I thought
> of just using the hcard for my event listings bcause often there is  
> an event
> logo and it would be good to include this in my event blog list.

There is no photo or logo in hcalendar, but you can use the url  
property for images.

> 4. Final observations from a newbie.  The tails add-in for FF is  
> great but
> it does not pick up the times within the hcalendar Microformat? Also
> Tantek's hcalendar creator does not work with IE7 but does with FF  
> 1.5+ any
> reason?

I'm not sure if the Tails author is around, but someone who knows  
more about it than I will have to answer that question.

As to the hcalendar creator, that's actually my work. I know there's  
a few issues with IE, I just haven't had time to check them out (esp.  
since I don't have a windows box currently), but I'll try to find  
some time, soon.


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