[uf-discuss] Plazes & Microformats

Tantek Ç elik tantek at cs.stanford.edu
Wed Apr 19 14:11:55 PDT 2006

David, it appears you may have missed my email from this morning:

"[uf-discuss] UID, URL, live microformats (was: Microformat auto-discovery
WAS: Plazes & Microformats)"


In short, we don't want a vocabulary explosion of rel-**** per microformat
(that's an antipattern) and URL + UID solves this problem quite elegantly
without introducing any terms at all.  Reply to the above thread to
follow-up, not this one.



On 4/19/06 2:06 PM, "David Janes -- BlogMatrix" <davidjanes at blogmatrix.com>

> Ryan King wrote:
>> But the relationship isn't 'vcard'. 'vcard' describes the format (or
>> part of the format) of the referenced resource, not the relationship
>> between the two.
> OK, fair enough: vcard is just a word, and in particular
> [top-level-uf-id] is just a word. But because we're devising these names
> to be unique under almost all circumstances, I don't think it's confusing.
> Would your objection disappear it to be 'is-canonical-vcard'?

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