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You should also be aware of the proposed OBJECT include pattern[1].
With this you could do something like:

<span class="vcard" id="Person1">
<!-- hcard stuff here for Person1 -->

<li><cite>Person1</cite><q>Quoted Text</q></li>
<li><cite><object data="#Person1" class="include"/></cite><q>Quoted

The object tag says "get the data at #Person1 and use it here.


[1] - http://microformats.org/wiki/include-pattern

On 4/19/06, Ben Ward <lists at ben-ward.co.uk> wrote:
> On 4/19/06, Paul Bryson <paul at msn.com> wrote:
> > One thing though, I use at least one chat program that has an option to
> > condense all contiguous messages from a single author together so that it
> > just displays the author once, but the timestamp of each message.
> >
> A couple of responses come to mind:
> Firstly, that it could be acceptable to have multiple time+q pairs
> within each list item, such that you might have:
> <ol>
>   <li><cite>Ben</cite>
>       <abbr title="">12:38am</abbr> <q>First statement</q>
>       <abbr title="">12:39am</abbr> <q>Additional Comment</q>
>   </li>
>   <li><cite>Paul</cite>
>       <abbr title="">12:40am</abbr> <q>Response</q>
>   </li>
> </ol>
> A generator application could then append ABBR+Q to the previous li
> content as appropriate, thus the restriction would come out as 'one
> CITE per LI with all other LI content attributable to that person'.
> Which makes a certain amount of sense.
> The alternative would be to say that you could potentially handle the
> condensed rendering at render-time. What you're effectively
> determining is the display: property of each LI > CITE. However, since
> that would be dependent on the innerText of a predecessor's child,
> which is well out of range of current CSS2 and proposed level 3
> Selectors. Therefore such rendering would require scripting for this
> kind of presentation on the web.
> That's drifting off topic I think, I'm not sure how much of a
> consideration that would be at this stage. With respect to
> presentation though, I think flexibility (such as multiple abbr+cite)
> is useful.
> On a different tack (and this is not a suggestion that I especially
> advocate, but I think it's valid to raise it for sake of clear
> dismissal): It could be argued that each message is actually an event
> in the conversation. Therefore, should there be reuse of hCalendar
> here?
> Ben
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