[uf-discuss] Plazes, Part 2

Pieter Walsweer pieter at plazes.com
Thu Apr 20 04:37:59 PDT 2006

Hi All,

thanks for the warm welcome and for all your comments! Didn't want to 
start that big discussion about nested hCards and whether or whether not 
start parsing with itself or with its parent node, but gave me a great 
insight how great discussions work over here.

To get on with plazes' uF redesign, today I'd like to ask you for your 
comments on our Profile-Implementation with hCard.

Profiles in plazes are very extensive without using masses of mandatory 
fields. There are a few entries, which we'd like to include, but which 
aren't covered by the VCARD RFC, mainly Instant messenger contact info 
and Alternative URLs (sadly, most apps only import the first URL element 
and ignore following ones). Applications like Apple iCal and MS Outlook 
use the X-... extension when exporting im contact info, like X-JABBER 
and X-AIM. Are there any plans to include things like these in future 
versions of the uF hCard-Standard or into the X2V converter?

<div class="vcard">
     <a class="fn" 
class="photo" />
     nickname: <span class="nick">fiahless</span>
     email: <a class="email" 
href="mailto:mail at email.com">felix at plazes.com</a><br />
     real name: <div class="n"><span class="given-name">Felix</span> 
<span class="family-name">Petersen</span></div>
     url: <a class="url" 
     photoblog: <a class="url" 
     a few words:<div class="note">ab jetzt geht alles ganz schnell. 
help inventing the future, keep plazin'!</div>

     <div class="adr">
         kind of plaze: <abbr class="type" title="home">Home Adress</abbr>
         country: <span class="country-name">Germany</span><br/>
         city: <span class="locality">Berlin</span><br/>
         state: <span class="region">Berlin</span><br/>
         zip: <span class="postal-code">10437</span><br/>
         street: <span class="street-address">Schönhauser Allee 
         default timezone: <abbr class="tz" 

     <div class="tel">
         <span class="type">home</span>
         <span class="value">+493045454545</span>

     <div class="tel">
         <span class="type">cell</span>
         <span class="value">+491735295519</span>

     age: <abbr class="bday" title="1977-01-01">29</abbr>

     <!-- ICQ - not defined in vCard RFC -->
     icq: <a class="url x-icq" 

     <!-- AIM - not defined in vCard RFC -->
     aim: <a class="url x-aim" 

     <!-- MSN - not defined in vCard RFC -->
     msn: <a class="url x-msn" 

     <!-- jabber - not defined in vCard RFC -->
     jabber: <span class="x-jabber">fiahless at gmail.com</span>

     <!-- skype - not defined in vCard RFC -->
     skype: <a class="url x-skype" href="callto:fiahless">fiahless</a>

     <!-- openBC -->
     <a class="url" 

Pieter Walsweer
mobile +49 179 4533341

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