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Ralph Brandi microformats at brandi.org
Thu Apr 20 14:27:42 PDT 2006

I just joined this list.  I attended the Microformats session at SXSW and found it one of the most interesting sessions there.

I'm currently looking for a job, so in the wake of that session, I thought it might be interesting to mark up my resume using the hResume microformat.  I have a question about something that's not covered in the spec, though.

Some of my job titles and the companies with which I was associated with don't match up exactly. That is, over a period of several years, I did the same job for a number of companies.  I started as a contractor to AT&T, then was hired as a direct employee, then went to Lucent when it was spun off.  During that time, I did a couple of different jobs, but the changes between which jobs I did do not match up with the changes in company.  To make things more fun, some of the jobs overlapped significantly, i.e., there wasn't enough call for web development between 1993 and 1995 to keep me occupied full time, so I kept my position as a technical writer at the same time.  In my resume,  temporarily posted at http://www.brandi.org/ralph/resume/hresume.php while I develop the hResume-enhanced version, I address the situation by having three hCalendar events denoting the changes in company affiliation, followed by a single description that covers all three regarding changes in responsibilities and position.

Reading up on the use of hCards in hResume, I noted the use of the object tag, class of include, as a way of associating a single instance of a name with multiple hCards in a single document.  The documentation on object.include stated that for now, it only applies to hCard, but that it may be extended to other microformats.

My situation may be an edge case, but somehow I suspect that other people may also have this kind of situation in their resumes where company affiliation changes and job title changes don't mesh perfectly.  I've marked up the hCalendar events in my resume using object.include to associate the three company affliations with the single description.  It doesn't seem to me that this is currently supported by the specifications.  Am I correct in my reading?  Is this a potential extension of the object.include mechanism, or is there a more appropriate way that I'm somehow missing?

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