[uf-discuss] Best way to format a FAQ

Luke Arno luke.arno at gmail.com
Fri Apr 21 12:27:16 PDT 2006

I know there has been some discussion of FAQs
recently but I have only a little context so forgive

I had to create a FAQ for something today.

I used the following format:

<div class="faq" id="faq1">
  <h1><a href="http://example.com/subject/">FAQ Title</a></h1>
  <ol class="faq-toc">
    <li><a href="#faq1-1">Is this the most asked question?</a></li>
  <dl class="faq-faq">
    <dt id="faq1-1-q"><a href="#faq1-1" id="faq1-1">Is this the most
asked question?</a></dt>
    <dd id="faq1-1-a-1">Yes, this is the most asked question.</dd>

I had to throw this together quickly, so it may not
be so great, but I thought I would share and see
what the HTML gurus here think. How do others
here format a FAQ?

Of course I am not proposing this as a uf. This is
just one example. That said, I tend to think that
all the FAQs online contain a lot of meaning that
is needlessly lost on machines:

 - This is a question.
 - This is an answer.
 - This is the answer to that question.
 - These questions are frequently asked.
 - This question is asked more/less frequently
      than that question.
 - These questions are all related .
 - These questions are about X.

Is a QA pair plus a subject a sort of triple?

I imagine a Web-wide FAQ search that gives the
illusion of an expert system. Of course, I have a
wild imagination - rampant even :)

I am just dreaming out loud. So busy lately...

- Luke

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