[uf-discuss] ISBN mark-up

Alf Eaton lists at hubmed.org
Mon Apr 24 08:07:52 PDT 2006

On 23 Apr 2006, at 11:00, Edward Summers wrote:

> On Apr 22, 2006, at 10:52 PM, Alf Eaton wrote:
>> <abbr class="uri" title="urn:isbn:0950788120">0 9507881-2-0</abbr>
> Or drawing on the recently discussed uid [1]
>   <abbr class="uid" title="urn:isbn:0950788120">0 9507881-2-0</abbr>

If you're going to use class="uid", wouldn't it make sense to use the  
same format for all identifiers, eg "ISBN:0950788120", "MBID: 
8426647585", "UPC:477882954", etc? Then if something actually is a  
URI, mark it as such, but keep that separate from UIDs generally.


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