"uid" microformats? (was Re: [uf-discuss] ISBN mark-up)

Bruce D'Arcus bdarcus.lists at gmail.com
Wed Apr 26 06:08:12 PDT 2006

On 4/26/06, Joe Andrieu <joe at andrieu.net> wrote:


> By my interpretation that has both a format UID and a locator URI for
> that format.  Shouldn't there be a similar disambiguation for the
> microformat class one is using?
> This seems related to namespaces and I know only that they caused some
> challenges with RDF...
> Does it make sense for a microformat to actually label itself as such,
> including a UID and a URI?
> <div class="microformat" uid="hCoupon"
> href="http://www.joeandrieu.com/hCoupon">

I think you ask some good questions!

See RDF/A for one answer:


Likewise, Ian Davis has done some work with RDF embedded in XHTML
(basically a mf). Both involve declaring vocabularies in xhtml:head,
and then using prefixes in the class (and other) attributes.


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