[uf-discuss] Microformats vs XML

Phil Haack haacked at gmail.com
Thu Apr 27 00:08:19 PDT 2006

> For your article, maybe more on comparing things, you could say what  
> are the different ways to achieve certain things with microformats,  
> XML, RDF and then talk about the things you can do or not do with  
> each parts. More than the bad or good dichotomy which increases  
> bitterness and doesn't achieve much.

That's a great point. I didn't intend to portray things in a good/bad or
better/worse light.  The question that was posed to me is "Why do we need
Microformats when we have XML schemas and languages?"

So what I'm looking for are various discussions on what microformats
accomplish that XML language formats don't do as well given the goals of

Then I hope to contrast this by pointing out situations in which XML may be
much better suited than microformats.  The obvious example when your
audience really aren't humans (machine data interchange).


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