[uf-discuss] Microformats vs XML

Karl Dubost karl at w3.org
Thu Apr 27 03:07:33 PDT 2006

Le 06-04-27 à 16:50, Steven Livingstone a écrit :
> Less formal creations such as RSS never suffered from that as much  
> (in constrast to say NewsML which had a much more specific goal -  
> the XSD is around 30 pages long). Look at the contrast of something  
> like XML-RPC versus SOAP/WSDL and so on. The former does a nice job  
> for online services without too much effort - the latter can  
> require a LOT of work (although tool support is getting better) and  
> is better suited in formal environments.
> Don't get me wrong, there is sometimes a need for detailed specs  
> and so on, but there is also a need for simple, effective formats,  
> which Microformats do very well.

That is called Modularization and has nothing to do with microformats  
but the choice of structural organization of a technology. What you  
said is valid for *any* specifications. Take the microformats in 5  
years, add all the "modules" (hcard, hreview, …) etc. And you will  
have a huge specification too.

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