question about client-side xslt rendering (was Re: [uf-discuss] Microformats vs XML, redundancy)

Xiaoming Liu liu_x at
Thu Apr 27 08:28:11 PDT 2006

while we are on this topic, I saw real world examples of generating 
microformat (well, sort of) by client-side xslt rendering. To put it 

- The server generates XML page with link to xslt file.
- xslt file includes instructions of generating Microformats.
- modern browser happily render the XML page with xslt.
- however greasemonkey script or some other tools don't do dynamic 
rendering by default.

So on the positive side, both XML and Microformats are avaiable; on the 
negative side, this pattern may not be well supported by some tools.

My questions are :
(1) is this a solved problem? does Microformats encourage (allow) this 

(2) how well is it supported by Microformats tools?


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