[uf-discuss] nested hatom feeds?

Chris Casciano chris at placenamehere.com
Fri Apr 28 14:18:44 PDT 2006

A somewhat silly, but practical question on hatom parsing rules and 

Can you nest hatom feeds... and if so will the inner feed be seen as a 
unique item or will it be hidden from parsers because its inside of the 
outer feed's content element?

Real world scenario that brought this up:

I have a site that doesn't use hatom anywhere yet. On one page I wanted 
to add a small hatom feed with some application version/release 
information. The feed would sit in what I would consider the "content" 
area of the html document.

*If* I came though in a few months and changed the templates that the 
site uses so that each page had hatom elements wrapping the content so 
the entire page could be subscribed to (similar to the setup I now have 
on chunkysoup.net) what would then happen to the hatom feed that 
happened to now be embedded inside another feed?

I would expect that a parser could pick out the 2 feeds independently 
-- in the case of the outer feed it just sees the inner feed as some 
random html like any other content -- but I'm just not sure and the 
hatom-parsing docs have for the most part yet to be written.

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