[uf-discuss] Microformats vs XML

Karl Dubost karl at w3.org
Sun Apr 30 18:20:30 PDT 2006

Le 06-04-30 à 07:36, Benjamin Carlyle a écrit :
> The short answer of when to use microformats is as follows:
> You are writing some html that contains some useful human-readable
> information. You say to yourself: I would like to mark this up with  
> some
> classes now for styling. You look up the relevant microformat, and you
> pull in the standard names. You don't have to make your own up, and  
> now
> your page is machine-readable too. Bonus!

And your page is easily indexable for Marketing profiler. -1 :)
And you page is easily indexable to create you own index of  
information ala Mark Pilgrim. +1
And your page has class names in English when you are using another  
language. -1


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