[uf-discuss] Mozilla microformats development thread and suggestions for awareness

Ben Buchanan wzqtptl02 at sneakemail.com
Tue Aug 1 20:56:28 PDT 2006

> I've just brainstormed a bit of wiki improvement/authoring that I think will
> both make it easy for people to serendipitously find out how well
> microformats are doing, and for interested folks to simply copy and paste a
> link to demonstrate how well microformats are doing.

I'd also suggest we look for examples of extensive implementations; my
experience implementing hCard was that most examples are very short,
being for individuals in a private context - eg. just a name, email
address and URL.

So the example with forty thousand very small vcards didn't help much
more than one very small vcard, since we were looking for more complex

...if that makes sense? I think I need another coffee today ;)


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