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brian suda brian.suda at gmail.com
Fri Aug 4 11:33:59 PDT 2006

The trouble with this approach is that there is no way to determine what
is an arbitrary CSS style and what is a microformat. Plus, those terms
are not in the XMDP and therefore their meaning is unknown. Parsers
would have to have an open-ended list of values, which is not always an

This idea was kicking around quite early (maybe pre-mailing list) and it
was dropped for several reasons.


Ryan Cannon wrote:
> On Aug 3, 2006, at 11:24 PM, joe at andrieu.net wrote:
>> It looks like the powers-that-be have already come to a conclusion on
>> extending hCard.
> One thing I've always thought interesting: vCard has a built in
> extension mechansim,
> the X- properties. If hCard is to be a 1:1 representation of vCard,
> should we have
> mechanism whereby hcard extensions would be vcard extensions as well?
> My first thought on this would be that any unknown property could be
> appended as a
> vCard extension, using the standard methods of determining element
> content, thus:
> <div class="vcard">
>   <span class="fn">Ryan Cannon</span>
>   <a class="aim url" href="aim:goim?screenname=AOLUser">AOLUser</a>
> </div>
> Would create:
> N:Cannon;Ryan;;;
> FN:Ryan Cannon
> URL;type=internet:aim:goim?screenname=AOLUser
> I'm not sure what the implications would be of having an absurd number
> of other properties
> included within an hCard, but something like this would do two things:
>  1. It would allow us to extend hCard without breaking compatibility
> with vCard
>  2. It would authors to create compatibility with more specific
> applications (e.g.
>     Apple's Address book in this case).
> Good idea? Bad?
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