[uf-discuss] Re: Use with Greasemonkey?

Benjamin West bewest at gmail.com
Sat Aug 12 14:13:43 PDT 2006

Great idea!  I'm cross posting lists because this particular post has
a lot in common.  Seems to be that copy-pasting the behaviour.js
script inline with your GM script would work.... no need to load it
remotely.  Not sure what you mean by the obvious way, although I'm not
terribly familiar with GM.  Another, perhaps simpler, solution is to
just steal the getElementsBySelector() implementation from either
behaviour.js or prototoype.js (introduced in 1.5 as $$() ).

I'd like to point you to microformats.org.  The folks over there
(including myself) are always interested in collecting and advocating
these kinds of instances of semantic markup.  Have you seen many
people publishing links like this?  The more people that do this kind
of thing, the more effective html becomes.  Specifically, the
microformats crowd tries to catalogue and agree upon these kinds of
uses, so that more people can use them.

Ben West

On 8/12/06, cgranade at gmail.com <cgranade at gmail.com> wrote:
> Is it at all possible to use behaviour.js with a GreaseMonkey script?
> If so, I'd love to add "user behaviors" to the list of user-overridable
> features, along with user styles and user scripts. Seems like it'd be
> very useful for some things like my idea for a voluntary NSFW blocker.
> If any link has rel="nsfw", I'd like the page to throw up a dialog box
> asking the user if they intended to follow the link or not. Seems safer
> for work environments than a small NSFW in parens, but I digress. I was
> just wondering about the use of GM/behaviour. I tried the obvious way,
> but it failed due to security constraints within GM.
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