[uf-discuss] Media Metadata, Specifically Video Thumbnails

Charles Iliya Krempeaux supercanadian at gmail.com
Wed Aug 16 14:34:05 PDT 2006

Hello Steve,

This (and other things relating to it) have been discussed, but
nothing has been agreed on yet.

It has been suggested that using class-thumbnail on the <img> element
would work for making thumbnails.  As in...

<a type="video/mpeg" href="/the/movie"><img class="thumbnail"
src="thumbnail.png" /></a>

See ya

On 8/16/06, Steve Williams <sbw at digg.com> wrote:
> I'm new to microformats.  I read Mary Hodder's excellent wiki page
> describing the current landscape, but I didn't find a specific
> microformat for media metadata.
> Is there a concrete recommendation for microformats to express media
> metadata?  If not, would one of you more experienced microformatters
> have time to help me whip up a proposal?
> Our specific need:
> We added YouTube and Google video thumbnails to digg.com yesterday.
> http://diggtheblog.blogspot.com/2006/08/video-thumbnails.html
> We used YouTube's public API and an unpublished Google mechanism to
> fetch their thumbnails.  YouTube's API is great, but it's a bit
> heavyweight for just fetching thumbnails.  Fortunately, there's an
> opportunity to influence other sites to adopt a microformat for the
> thumbnail and perhaps other metadata.
> Digg invited other video hosting services to contact us about getting
> their thumbnails on digg, and a bunch of them have contacted us already.
> They're asking us what they need to do, and I'd like to respond,
> "Just mark up the video's permalink page with this here microformat,
> and we'll use that to grab the thumbnail."  But I don't know enough
> to tell them exactly how to do it.
> Thanks!

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