[uf-discuss] xFolk thoughts

Brian Suda brian.suda at gmail.com
Sun Aug 27 11:11:15 PDT 2006

I have been playing around with xFolk and now that more sites are
beginning to implement this along with Pingerati indexing them. I had
a few thoughts that could be added to the spec.

1) There is no date for when the link was tagged or added. This would
be an optional property. It could also be extracted from "surrounding"
microformats. It makes sense that if you are using hAtom (which as a
datetime published and updated) that you could use that for the xFolk
if the xFolk is contained within the hAtom entry.

Maybe there was a reason to leave-off any sort of date, can someone clarify?

2) Who added this link? Another optional property to nest withing an
xfolkentry could be an hCard and/or if the page has an <address
class="vcard"> then that can be used as well. I know it is pretty
obvious that the owner of the site posted the xfolkentry, but once you
begin to aggregate xFolks links, we should give some sort of credit
from whom the xFolk was gleaned.

I know xFolk is purposely pretty lightweight and these two items
should be optional. What do people think? I know we can do this
already, but there is nothing in the spec that guides parsers to
explicitly look for these things, and how to understand them.... just
because there is an hCard inside the xfolkentry, does that mean that
is the person who bookmarked it, the author of the resource at the end
of the link, or the person who's site you saw the link originally
(sort of 'via'), is it completely unrelated or something else?


brian suda

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