[uf-discuss] Events with no duration; and end of daylight saving time

Andy Mabbett andy at pigsonthewing.org.uk
Mon Aug 28 01:10:18 PDT 2006

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>>I mean the time-change itself; see 29 October on:
>>         http://www.westmidlandbirdclub.com/diary/indexEXPAND.htm
>Well, you can do this several ways, and you'll have to test it on
>various calendar applications to see what happens.
>Option 1: Don't use an end date
><abbr class="dtstart" title="2006-10-29T03:00:00">End Daylight Savings</abbr>

Thank you. That's what I've done; it seems the simplest.

>Option 2: Explicit Timezone and a 1 second duration
><abbr class="dtstart" title="2006-10-29T03:00:00-0500">End Daylight
><abbr class="dtend" title="2006-10-29T02:00:01-0600">Start Normal Time</abbr>

That's neat, but - though I don't have lots of calendar apps to try it
on - I can imagine it breaking several!

>Semantically, if you are declaring and end-time, then you should say
>what it is an end too.
>Option 3: Declare start and end times for ALL of daylight savings
><abbr class="dtstart" title="2006-??-??T02:00:01">Start Daylight Saving</abbr>
><abbr class="dtend" title="2006-10-29T03:00:00">End Daylight Savings</abbr>

That may be semantically neat, but who, if they're putting a reminder to
themselves in their paper diary or wall calendar, would shade in every
day of DST? I simply wish to remind people when to put their clocks
back; and allow them to easily enter a reminder to do so into their
calendar app. Most apps that I've used, don't generate a reminder for
the end of an event.

>> I think I need to add some timezone info to the start and end times on
>> that page - how?

Done, now - is my mark-up correct (I'm in the UK)?
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