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David Janes davidjanes at blogmatrix.com
Tue Aug 29 21:28:53 PDT 2006

This looks very possible. In particular,

(1) according the article, Yahoo only returns its results in HTML, so
we know HTML is good
(2) one could add an extra field to the OpenSearch XML (a description
file about how your results are returned) indicating that the file is
(3) parties not understanding hAtom can just display HTML
(4) parties wating to understand hAtom can do it themselves or use a webservice

When I was at MashupCamp in January (Feb?) there was a guy from
A9/OpenSearch very interested in mashup type applications and
developer feedback so there's a door open for us.

I'll also note that his WordPress integration problem will probably go
away if we did this, as an independent XML-feed result will not have
to be returned;

Regards, etc...

On 8/30/06, Scott Reynen <scott at randomchaos.com> wrote:
> On Aug 29, 2006, at 10:23 PM, Ted Drake wrote:
> > It's slightly off topic, but I thought I'd share my latest post
> > about how we
> > added the OpenSearch protocol to the Yahoo! Tech site. This open
> > protocol
> > lets you define how your web site's search engine works and then
> > activates
> > the personal search box in IE7 and Firefox 2. It also helps the
> > aggregating
> > search engines, such as A9.
> >
> > http://www.last-child.com/add-opensearch-to-your-web-site/
> >
> > Sorry if it is too off-topic.
> I'm not sure this is off-topic at all.  I think OpenSearch solves a
> problem by extending RSS that microformats could solve by extending
> HTML, possibly hAtom specifically.  The problem is identifying search
> results for reuse in aggregation, reformatting, etc.  The use cases
> are obvious as there are plenty of applications that already reuse
> this type of data and could benefit from a standard format for
> already published search results (A9, OS X Sherlock, etc.), there's
> certainly no shortage of search results on the web to use as real-
> world examples from the general web searches to very narrow-focus
> searches, and between hAtom and OpenSearch, I suspect most of the
> work is already done.  hSearch?
> `
> Peace,
> Scott
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