[uf-discuss] How's my hReview?

Andy Mabbett andy at pigsonthewing.org.uk
Wed Aug 30 00:36:12 PDT 2006

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>It is not a valid review yet, you are missing a few things.


>B) create an "outer div container". You have a class="photo" which is
>another hReview property - assuming you are actually intending that to
>be part of the hReview, that needs to be nested inside the
>class="item" as well.
><div class="hreview">
> <div class="item">

I suppose

        <div class="hreview item">

isn't allowed?

>There is no RATING, which is OK that is optional, but IMHO that is
>kinda the point of a review.

That's debatable. Have a look at a decent newspaper's book or theatre

>finnaly, the reviewer hCard is also incorrect:
><p id="credit"><span class="reviewer vcard fn">Andy Mabbett</span><br>
><span class="dtreviewed" title="200603">March 2006</span></p>
>you need to nest the class="fn" inside the class="vcard"
><p id="credit" class="reviewer vcard"><span class="fn">Andy Mabbett</span><br>
><span class="dtreviewed" title="200603">March 2006</span></p>

Yuk. How is the latter semantically better than the former? It's just

>i hope this helps.

Indeed, thank you.

> If you make those changes let us know and we can
>take another pass at it and see if there are any other errors.

Done, see:


Mind you, it occurs to me that, while our visitors might make use of
hCard and hCalendar items, to add contacts and events to their address
book or diary programmes, hReview is of less use, to them.
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