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I hope y'all have seen this, but this is what I'm referring to when I
talk about dove-tails joints...

Niall Kennedy has posted his resume in Atom:


It's not clear whether he used hResume, those he's a clear candidate
to do so. What would be interesting and useful to me is to look at
what hJobs his resume might match up with -- not in a deterministic
way per se, but a looser kind of "related problem solving experience"
kind of way.

In that sense, again, I see a need to standardize the classes to be
consistent -- i.e. skills desired and skills offered could be marked
up as... well... "skills". Etc.

I do think that hListing might be useful as a type of container or
vessel, but then again, that's more or less what hAtom does.

I wonder if it might be worth considering the definitive differences
between hAtom and hListing in the context of syndicating hJobs and


On 8/30/06, Scott Reynen <scott at randomchaos.com> wrote:
> On Aug 30, 2006, at 3:10 PM, Don Park wrote:
> > My initial impression of hListing is that it's too
> > general for the job (sorry) which reduces some benefits of defining
> > hJob as
> > a profile of hListing. But I'll withhold my opinion until work on hJob
> > proceeds in earnest.
> I broke the job listing pages away from the other listing pages in
> the wiki, discussing my reasoning on this list prior to doing so, and
> I believe there was general agreement that job listings don't share
> the same semantics as most other listings.  Specifically, most
> listings are selling something, whereas job listings are essentially
> offering to buy something (i.e. labor).  I hope keeping them separate
> will make them both more useful for the specific task intended.
> Peace,
> Scott
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