[uf-discuss] vcard fn for name in "A. B. Smith" format

Jeremy Keith jeremy at adactio.com
Thu Aug 31 02:42:29 PDT 2006

Drew wrote:
> Done.
> http://tools.microformatic.com/query/xhtml/best-guess/Rt+Hon+Lord 
> +Ashdown+KBE

I was working an intranet site for a posh estate agent recently, and  
they had all sorts of ludicrous edge cases in their database of upper- 
class landed gentry. We also came across a problem (that would be  
tough to address in hCard) that some people's given names aren't used  
in any form of address.

For example, the name might be "Charles Windsor", but the form of  
address is "His Royal Highness, The Prince of Wales".

I suppose the abbreviation pattern could theoretically be butchered  
for this purpose:

<abbr class="fn" title="Charles Windsor">His Royal Highness, The  
Prince of Wales</abbr>

But I'm inclined to think that a simpler solution would be to avoid  
the problem altogether by having a revolution (we don't have to  
necessarily shoot 'em; just strip them of their ludicrous titles).

Jeremy Keith

a d a c t i o


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