[uf-discuss] New Microformats Cheatsheet PDF

Brian Suda brian.suda at gmail.com
Tue Dec 5 05:07:10 PST 2006

With all the movement around the cheatsheets on the wiki, i have taken
the opportunity to correct a few errors on my PDF. I have also worked
in a few suggestions from folks, such as a new labeling scheme for the
Matrix of what properties are available for which formats and to try
and better visually set-off the columns and added some more spacing
and white-space. The cheatsheet is always a work in progress, just
like microformats, so if anyone spots and error please let me know
and/or update the wiki pages as well.

Hopefully, the PDF can help drive the wiki, and vice versa. I have r10
(release 10) in the corner of the PDF, so please be sure to check for
the newest release number to make sure your cheatsheet is up-to-date.

All comments, suggestions, etc. are welcome.



brian suda

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