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>> .could ever contribute to the semantic web in a meaningful way & will stand
>> the test of taxonomic revisions
>I agree with this.

You may well be right - but since dealing with "taxonomic revisions" is
entirely outside the scope of uFs, so what?

>Typically, microformat proposals are heavily influenced by the
>analysis of examples collected.  I've tried doing this work at

I thought you gave up part way through doing that?

>Most of the useful examples

"useful" in what way?

>look similar to one of the sites you mentioned:
> href="/data/spiders/14441"
> onMouseOver="window.status='';return true"
> title='Click for species description'>
>    <i>Aculepeira carbonarioides</i>
>    (Keyserling, 1892)
>Looks to me like most mentions of species don't contain much
>information about them, but rather link to to another page that does.

I dispute that that's the case.

>Perhaps with further analysis, we can modify hReview or xFolk to be
>useful for species, in order to model what is actually happening in
>the market.

What "market"?

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