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>The advantage of the LSIDs is that they may act as a mapping catalog
>that is capable of drawing the lines from old names (or even current
>names that have not been fully accepted) to current nomenclature.
>Merely using "Theridion agrifoliae" I would argue is not even enough
>for humans.

What proportion of species references *currently on the web* [1] use an
LSID, and what proportion use a binominal or suchlike?


        Google finds 105 for "Theridion agrifoliae"; and *zero* for
        "3561403" + "Theridion agrifoliae"

        Google finds about 504,000 for "parus major"; and *zero" for
        "384 8440" + "parus major"

Note also that a search for the above boinominals on the uBio website:


returns the relevant LSIDs' one use-case for the microformat would be to
find the binominal on a web page, and pass it to uBio, in order to
return the LSID.

[1] e.g. those at <http://microformats.org/wiki/species-examples>

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