[uf-discuss] New Microformats Cheatsheet PDF

brian suda brian.suda at gmail.com
Thu Dec 7 04:02:22 PST 2006

Ryan Cannon wrote:
> ... I till prefer ?, + and *, as I have to continually move my
> eye between the two charts in order to remember which is which. I would
> remember ?, + and *.
--- while i agree, i am trying to strike a happy balance between those
of use who KNOW the REGEX syntax and those who don't have a Computer
Science degree. The '?' tends to look like "maybe, we don't know" or
some sort of image/character is missing. I don't claim to be a designer,
but something with the look and feel of the '?' doesn't quite sit right
with my eye at the moment - but i'll have a play around and see if i
can't work something out.
> Perhaps instead of the table on the right, which duplicates the other
> information on the page, you could  have a similar column to the right
> of each class name, with either and symbols for occurrence:
--- the tricky thing is that you still need to know what that
cardinality is with respect to a given format. URL in hCard is 0-*,
whereas URL in hCalendar is 0-1.
> Regardless, moving the class name requirements closer to the structure
> list will decrease the amount of time a reader takes to look up the
> the information.
--- i agree, originally the only way to tell the cardinality was to
typography of the text, bold, italics, bold-italics, or normal. The
characters on the right were a recent addition - and i couldn't just
bold/italicize those words because the cardinality depends on the
specific microformat.  I know on the wiki there has been work to have
typography and to add the 'indicator' characters. This is something that
might make it into the next cheatsheet, or again i am trying to strike a
happy balance between the folks who know REGEX and those who barely know
HTML. saying "class="vcard"? might get "literally" cut-and-pasted into
their HTML.

One of the things i had considered was to allow the  master InDesign
File to be downloaded as well, so people could re-mix the information
in  any way they wanted... i don't think i'm quite ready for that until
the data itself is more stable and error free. At that point, folks can
do what they like and know their version is pretty reliable.

Thanks for all the suggestions,

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