[uf-discuss] [citation] url field

Alf Eaton lists at hubmed.org
Fri Dec 8 06:33:27 PST 2006

On 04 Dec 2006, at 21:48, Michael McCracken wrote:

> I do think that a URL field (class="url") should be included, to
> represent a link to a copy of the cited work, and if we want to mark
> up one or more identifiers, we can use a separate class (I suggest
> "uid") to do so. If we're lucky and there's a good way to merge them,
> then use class="url uid".
> I'd like to get feedback on whether or not the list likes the idea of
> a URL field as outlined above - separate from the issue of URNs and
> metadata recovery.

I think there could be either both a URL field (eg http:// 
www.journal.com/volume/issue/article) and a URI field (eg info:pmid/ 
1234567), or collapse them both into just URI fields. They're all  
going to be ways to find the resource, and presumably the processor  
would know to choose the HTTP URL when appropriate.

If there are enough useful identifiers that aren't URIs (I think  
there probably are), then there needs to be a UID field as well.


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