how-to-play, community, tone (was Re: [uf-discuss] New wiki page summarily deleted)

Tantek Ç elik tantek at
Sat Dec 9 11:46:31 PST 2006

On 12/9/06 11:04 AM, "Andy Mabbett" <andy at> wrote:

> I spent some time today, creating a 'wiki' page about unAPI, documenting
> the microformat proposed there <>,

To be clear, it is not a microformat.  It is not based on real world
publishing examples, it does not follow the process etc.

It is a proposal for use of semantic class names.  Nothing more.

> in a neutral
> way - not to support it, but to enable others to see and discuss it and,
> if appropriate, refute or reject the proposal.
> I have not yet had a response to my invitation to unAPI's authors to
> view the page and to comment there.
> Tantek has just deleted the new page, with no discussion or warning,
> declaring it "not a microformat" and "offtopic" (sic).

As it did not follow the process, it does not belong on the microformats
wiki.  See:

The community has been a bit lax on focusing on "real world" discussions,
both in the mailing lists and on the wiki, and it is about time we refocus
the discussion on real world examples which are likely to benefit the most
real world publisher first.

> So much for "community".

Andy, while I appreciate your frustration, I kindly request that you refrain
from making snarky commentary such as that sentence on the list.

Another area that we (I in particular) have been lax with is helping
maintain the general tone and demeanor of this list.

One thing I really like about the microformats community is that it tends to
be a lot nicer, more polite, more respectful, and just overall welcoming
than many other standards lists.

However, that is a fragile state, and unless we are vigilant about keeping
such a good tone, I am afraid we will lose it.

Many of us (myself included) may stray from time to time and make snarky
commentary and I ask everyone on the list to kindly call folks out on it (as
above) with the assumption that everyone *does* want to keep a good tone of
discussion here.

For worse offenses, i.e. if you feel like someone is being
personally/verbally abusive on the list, I encourage you to respond to the
individual privately calling them on it, and cc myself and Ryan King so that
we can keep privately track of complaints.

I think in general we can self-regulate, but I am now open to removing
people who are consistently abusive from the list if necessary.  I really
don't want it to come to that, but I would rather remove an individual or
two from the list than have the community continue to lose its
comfortable/good/healthy tone of discussion.



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