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>>> I am ending this thread of >50 messages now
>> That's interesting - with what authority do you "declare end of thread".
>> Isn't this supposed to be a community, and isn't that or the community
>> to do?
>> If there is an autocracy (or some other non-community based management
>> system) here, then surely it should be openly and honestly documented?
>I am an admin on this list/site as is Ryan King.

I know. That doesn't address my point.

><parsing discussion snipped because it is off topic for this list>

Your refusal to address my concerns and answer questions on the
administration of *this list*, and its use by the community, is duly

><theoretical worries also snipped because they are not a priority for

"microformats" is not a sentient entity, it cannot have a view on such

>>> 3. Prefixing (e.g. "vcard-") has already been considered and rejected for
>>> microformats in general.  There have been deliberate exceptions made for one
>>> microformat (hAtom).  I'm not going to spend the time re-arguing this now -
>>> I have added an item to my to-do list on the wiki to better document this.
>> Thank you for making clear that it's currently not (well) documented.
>> Are we to understand also, that every decision, once made, even if
>> ill-documented, is irrevocable?
>> Or should we deduce that, if deliberate exceptions can be made in one
>> case, it is perfectly reasonable to suggest that deliberate exceptions
>> be made in another?
>Yes exceptions can be made but only with exceptionally good reasons.

So it's perfectly acceptable to make such a suggestion. Good.

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