[uf-discuss] rel="muse" implies romantic relationship?

Frances Berriman fberriman at gmail.com
Sun Dec 10 15:42:10 PST 2006

On 10/12/06, Jason Garber <jason at sixtwothree.org> wrote:
> Hi everyone, I'm pretty new to the mailing list, so apologies if this
> has already been covered.
> According to the XFN spec, rel="muse" is a link to someone who inspires
> you, and is listed as being a "romantic" relationship. I was wondering
> if it is always implied as a romantic relationship, since one could
> certainly find someone else inspiring without being romantically
> involved/interested.
> I did a cursory search for anyone/anything that covered this, but
> couldn't find anything more specific. Does anyone have any input on
> this? Thanks for your help!
> Jason Garber
> jason at sixtwothree.org

Hey Jason!

I actually discussed this with Tantek offlist a while ago, just in
passing, as I was curious about this also.  I think the decision made
(by examining uses in the wild) was that muse shouldn't be purely
romantic, as yes - many people mean it in a platonic way.  I think
it's something that the XFN documentation could do with clarifying.
Having it understood as purely romantic is much too restrictive, imho.
 So - use it as you see fit.


Frances Berriman

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