[uf-discuss] Microformat versioning

Steve Marshall steve at nascentguruism.com
Wed Dec 13 03:59:53 PST 2006

So I'm currently working with hListing and, wanting to be a good
little microformatter, I thought it wise to include a reference to the
version of hListing I'm using, only to realise that I'd have to
include a <span class="version">0.0</span> (or similar) within each
listing or included from elsewhere in the page.

This, to my mind, is sub-optimal: the version of the format in use
isn't something most (if any) users care about and, ideally, shouldn't
be required to be part of the content.

Is there any better way of specifying versions on microformats in use?
One option, I suppose, might be to add a second class to the
microformatted data, so a hListing might use: <div class="hlisting

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