professional relations (was: XFN usage stats and Re: [uf-discuss] rel="muse" implies romantic relationship?)

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Wed Dec 13 11:43:13 PST 2006

Search the list -- Tantek has made related statements.

I too like the idea of the rev attribute, but it's potentially a crap
shoot as there's so little behavior for it to be semi-worthless.

The idea of XBN is one we've explored previously as well
(x-business-network). Again, try searching.

Lastly, as Tantek pointed out, we should consider how these links
would help exchange data between two or more parties.

As LinkedIn and XING now support microformats, there a strong case for
figuring out how to export your professional relationships, using
terms that they both support (hint: start your research there!). While
'colleague' and 'co-worker' are a good start, they don't capture
'former-employer', 'client', 'consultant' or much else.

The goal is not to describe all relationship variations, but common
ones that are shared between professional networking/resume sites.


On 12/13/06, Ben Ward <lists at> wrote:
> On 13 Dec 2006, at 18:29, Andy Mabbett wrote:
> > I thought "rev" was in the process of being deprecated?
> >
> I do hope not; I'm quite a fan of the little blighter. Do you have a
> URL for that?
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