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Thu Dec 14 01:28:48 PST 2006

Taylor Cowan <taylor_cowan at yahoo.com>, 2006-12-13 16:51 -0800:

> Like Korby I'm interested in a way to semantically identify
> questions and answers.  Frances' suggestion of using dl/di/dt/dd
> would work assuming the <dl> indicates that it contains
> questions.  One example usage would be to list unanswered
> questions:
> <dl class="qna">
>    <dt>Where...</dt>
>    <dt>Who...</dt>
> </dl>

What semantic markup would be useful for a complete FAQ?

  <div class="qaset">
    <h1>Microformats FAQ</h1>
    <p>This page document frequently asked questions about microformats…</p>
    <div class="qadiv">
      <h2>&lt;div> and &gt;span> semantics</h2>
      <dl class="qa">
        <dt class="qtn">Is it semantically meaningless to use divs?</dt>
        <dd class="ans">…</dd>

Overkill? Or missing something?


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