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Taylor Cowan taylor_cowan at yahoo.com
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<dl class="qa">
      <dt>Is it semantically meaningless to use divs?</dt>
      <dd>No, not meaningless, but once the <tt>&lt;dl&gt;</tt> has been classified as being definition list of type "qa" 
              the rules could safely assume that dt's are the question, and dd's are the answers.  The exception would be
              where somebody wanted heterogeneous definition lists, ie, one containing topic/def as well as Q/A nodes,
              but I'd be more inclined to go with homogeneous list contents, they are either all topic/defs, all Q/A, or some 
              other binary relation.

Paul, what do think?  I'm working on something that collects questions/answers and sharing that outward seemed like a good idea.  The next step would be something like technorati's review aggregator, your site pings the aggregator and lets it know you have some more answers, or questions.

This might break when there are multiple answers, not sure if one to many dt 2 dd is ok, but a surrounding <di> would help.


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Taylor Cowan <taylor_cowan at yahoo.com>, 2006-12-13 16:51 -0800:

> Like Korby I'm interested in a way to semantically identify
> questions and answers.  Frances' suggestion of using dl/di/dt/dd
> would work assuming the <dl> indicates that it contains
> questions.  One example usage would be to list unanswered
> questions:
> <dl class="qna">
>    <dt>Where...</dt>
>    <dt>Who...</dt>
> </dl>

What semantic markup would be useful for a complete FAQ?

  <div class="qaset">
    <h1>Microformats FAQ</h1>
    <p>This page document frequently asked questions about microformats…</p>
    <div class="qadiv">
      <h2>&lt;div> and &gt;span> semantics</h2>
      <dl class="qa">
        <dt class="qtn">Is it semantically meaningless to use divs?</dt>
        <dd class="ans">…</dd>

Overkill? Or missing something?


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