worthiness and Howcome's page (was: [uf-discuss] Re: the term microformat and encouraging people to play)

Andy Mabbett andy at pigsonthewing.org.uk
Thu Dec 14 10:44:58 PST 2006

In message <17792.30171.950860.494027 at gargle.gargle.HOWL>, Håkon Wium
Lie <howcome at opera.com> writes

>It's similar to talking about "ISO standards" as opposed to just
>"standards". This would let everyone play, while still honoring the

There is danger in using terminology such as "worthy" to describe the
work done under this umbrella; and conversely, needlessly pejorative
terms to describe work done elsewhere.

A microformat may be as - more, even - worthy (which may be taken to
mean good, useful and properly considered) as anything done here.

>howcome at opera.com                  http://people.opera.com/howcomeo

Your URL is 404, due to the addition of a spurious final character -
but, Howcome, how come your page is not marked up with microformats? ;-)

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