comma or semicolon in geo (was: [uf-discuss] Operator: Microformat detection for Firefox 2)

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>> >Today Mozilla Labs released a microformat extension for Firefox 2
>> >named Operator.
>> Looks good, but it shows the "geo" on :
>>         <>
>> as "undefined/undefined".
>It may be because you've separated the lat/long with a semicolon
>whereas the geo cheatsheet says:

Thanks, but I've tried both.

>"If the secondary classes are omitted, the two values MUST be comma
>separated and latitude MUST be first"[1]
>I'm not sure where that bit of info on the cheatsheet has come from though.

Look at the history and source of that page...

It might be best of parsers accepted either; since some schemes use
comma (e.g. ICBM), others semicolon (e.g. geotag)

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