[uf-discuss] Operator: Microformat detection for Firefox 2

Angus McIntyre angus at pobox.com
Sat Dec 16 05:53:01 PST 2006

At 03:23 -0800 16.12.2006, Alex Faaborg wrote:
>Today Mozilla Labs released a microformat extension for Firefox 2
>named Operator.  The extension was developed by Michael Kaply at IBM,
>and detects hCard, hCalendar, geo, hReview and rel-tag.


One thing I notice is that if I view my resume (in hResume) at:


the Operator menu shown under Google Calendar correctly pulls out all 
the hCalendar entries, but munges title and company together, i.e.

	Software developerblip.tv, ...

Is this a flaw in Operator, or should I be marking up my resume 
differently to be more Operator-friendly?

I've also encountered cases where it's not picking up what I believe 
to be a valid hCard, but I need to review my code to see whether it's 
really as valid as I think it is before reporting that as a bug.


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