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>I'll update the hcard cheatsheet page accordingly.

Thank you. I note you've changed the examples from:

        If the secondary classes are omitted, the two values MUST be
        comma separated and latitude MUST be first:

            <span class=geo>37.386013,-122.082932</span>


        When used with an <abbr> element the latitude and longitude are
        separated by a semicolon in the title attribute.

           <abbr class="geo" title="37.386013;-122.082932">home</abbr>

which I have altered to :

        Coordinates MAY be combined a single <abbr> element; then the
        latitude and longitude MUST be separated by a semicolon in the
        title attribute and latitude MUST be first:

            <abbr class="geo" title="37.386013;-122.082932">home</abbr>

for clarity - but your example suggests that this only applies to
"abbr". Is it not allowed in other elements?

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