Non-visible microformats was [uf-discuss] Principles of Microformats?

Angus McIntyre angus at
Mon Dec 18 05:44:37 PST 2006

At 14:39 +0900 18.12.2006, Karl Dubost wrote:
>Le 16 déc. 2006 à 22:24, Angus McIntyre a écrit :
>>   (Those are distinct points: there is abusable invisible information,
>>  as shown by the fact that Google doesn't index META keywords
>>  and descriptions).
>Spotlight on the macintosh indexes those and it. is. very. practical.
>when you search information.

I didn't mean to say that they weren't still 
useful. I use META keywords myself to pre-fill 
the 'tags' field on the submit form for an 
anti-social bookmarking tool that I wrote (an 
anti-social bookmarking tool is one where you 
don't share your bookmarks with anyone else) and 
I know others do the same. Google will even use 
the META description (where available and more 
than a certain number of characters long) as the 
description for each entry in their index. So 
it's definitely a good idea to make sure that 
both those are properly filled out.

Google just doesn't - as far as I know - use 
either the keywords or the description in order 
to decide how to index the page, because of the 
problem of keyword stuffing.


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