[uf-discuss] ANN: hCard Tutorial

Siegfried Gipp siegfried at rorkvell.de
Wed Dec 20 01:09:27 PST 2006

Am Montag, 18. Dezember 2006 23:50 schrieb Andy Mabbett:

> This isn't in any way a criticism of your tutorial, but, further to
> recent discussion, it's worth noting that not only does the tutorial
> include no mention of a profile URI, but also that, until now, nobody
> had even thought that worthy of comment.

The main intention of a tutorial is to _use_ it to learn something, not to 
comment on it. Besides that the writer of such a tutorial generally learns 
most of it.

If the tutorial is correct and maybe useful, the correct way to handle that 
would be to include a link in the wiki. Simply defining any tutorial not from 
one of the famous elite microformats authors as unnecessary nonsense is the 
fastest way to make microformats a secret elite format, unknown to and unused 
by the rest of the world.

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