[uf-discuss] New Microformat: Personal Avatar (Pavatar)

liste at jeenaparadies.net liste at jeenaparadies.net
Thu Dec 28 01:59:43 PST 2006

Hi everybody,

My Name is Jeena Paradies and I am the author of the Personal Avatar Specification: http://pavatar.com/spec

The Personal Avatar (short Pavatar) system is a way to use small personalized images to standardize a providers profile picture through various websites when leaving comments and other content.

The specification was intended to solve the problem that gravatar.com is offline quite a lot. I didn't realize that it is at tha same time a microformat. But then I found http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Microformats#Specific_microformats and took notice that someone added the rel-pavatar spec to the microformats list.

What do you think is it worth to add it to the microformats list on the microformats.org page because rel-pavatar is a decentralized mechanism for assigning avatars to homepage owners?


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