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Sat Dec 30 04:22:30 PST 2006

<liste at jeenaparadies.net> wrote:
> Is there no interrest in such a microformat like rel="pavatar"?
>  /Jeena

Without getting into the technicalities of ‘what makes a microformat’  
at this stage, I think another reason for lack of interest is that  
really, the hCard microformat can already provide the same function.

The ‘logo’ property of hCard [1] is already used in the wild (to what  
degree I can't say) to mark up ‘avatar’ images.

So for example:

	<link href="http://example.com/pic.png" rel="pavatar">

Can be represented within an hCard:

	<div class="vcard">
		<span class="fn">Ben Ward</span>
		<img class="logo" src="http://example.com/pic.png" alt="" />

Therefore, I think that demand for your pavatar specification is  
limited here as there is in effect an existing solution, which goes  
further than pavatar by making the image a visible part of the  
content as well.

It doesn't have the additional restrictions you impose, of course  
(the 80 pixel square requirement) but there's nothing to stop you  
layering policies like that over hCard when implementing.



[1] http://microformats.org/wiki/hcard- 

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