wiki-thon? Re: [uf-discuss] usability review

Dr. Ernie Prabhakar drernie at
Thu Feb 2 08:27:51 PST 2006

Mark et al,

I appreciate the effort that has gone into this.   I wonder if it  
would be worth just getting together for a few hours some evening  
for  "Microformats wiki-thon", where we do a "spring cleaning" of the  
website in order to make it more usable, and fix up some of the  
obvious holes that have been sitting around a long time.  I know --  
at least for myself -- that this sort of housekeeping is a lot more  
fun a) if there's other people around, and b) there's a chance for  
informal back and forth to make sure we're not throwing away anything  

Of course we should do this via IRC, but it would help to have some  
sort of central location.  Rohit, feel like hosting something again?   
I'll pitch in for pizza...

-- Ernie P.

On Feb 1, 2006, at 8:54 PM, Mark Rickerby wrote:

> Ryan makes an important point. I have added a list of short term
> tasks/goals here. I'm currently working from the
> get-something-done-in-five-minutes perspective, and acting on some of
> the introductory content ideas which have been discussed.

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