[uf-discuss] Parsing XOXO Definition Lists of Key:Value Pairs

Kevin Lawver kevin at lawver.net
Fri Feb 3 13:58:24 PST 2006

	I'm working on a project (http://iamalpha.com) and we're using XOXO 
definition lists for key value pairs 
(http://iamalpha.com/.developer/modulet_skeleton.html), and a couple of 
the developers are complaining about matching up DT's and DD's.  A quick 
search/perusal of the wiki doesn't have much about it, although I 
remember it being discussed somewhere related to microformats, but can't 
find it.  Anyone got any example code, or a good pseudo-code explanation 
of how to match them up?  It seems pretty simple to me, but they're not 
taking my word for it.


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